Love : What Does It Really Mean? Poem To Understand Its Deep Meaning

Love : What Does It Really Mean – Poem To Understand Its Deepest Meaning

Love what does it really mean?

Is it only a dream?

Is love that two people sharing their day?

And they do not care what other say?

Is love all about promises we make?

And promise to never break?

Promises to each other!

that there will be no other!

Is love only a feeling or a thought?

Or something else which we all only want?

Is love a choice we make?

Or a decision we take?

Is love good or bad?

Does it make you happy or sad?

Is love a lovely touch that calms you?

Or a breathing heart that gives life to you?

Does love hurt, does it make you cry?

Is it love that does not let your pillow dry?

Can love happen once or twice?

Or can it happen only once in a life?

Unconditional love is real

Only because it heals,

I know how true love feels.

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