She Means Everything – When A Girl Is Like Motivation

She Means Everything – When A Girl Is Like Motivation

You are mine esteem

You are mine presence

You are the only one who make me realize about my existence,,


You are mine almighty

You are mine profound

You are my destiny which I have found,,


You are the fair of my childhood

You are the verse for my adulthood

You are the way of my life

You are the breath for my life,,


You are meal, you’re the water of mine

You are the essence beauty, you are the only duty of mine,,


You are mine melodic lullaby

You are my lunar ray

You are the only one who is my hooray,,


You are my pleasure

You are my verses

You are my silence

You are my un-quietness,,


You are all the wishes of mine

You are all the dreams of mine,,


You are my fate

With which I have met,,


You are the life of mine

All memorable memories to recall

I am Nothing without you

and I am Everything with you,,

She left yet means Everything for me

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