Love That Is Lost – Poem Stating Deepest Thought Of A Lover

Poem Stating Deepest Thought Of A Lover

The loveliest moment was when we met,,

The love and time I have shared with you

Now when it is lost there is only a regret….


Carrying those unforgettable memories,

Someone is painfully aware,

You are gone and no more there….


Hard to believe that you have gone away

I am in a fix between wrong and right,,

I know I am not allowed to make you stay

Without you it feels like there is no light…


I wanted to do everything for you, but I couldn’t do

So many times I have cried over you..

Darkness and emptiness is part of me

Since I have to accept that we will never be..

But its my promise to you

Our memories will always be there fresh in my heart

As I wish you well with your brand-new start

Please, believe me when I say

You will always be with me

Come what may

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