Love Meant To Be Forever – Poem To Understand Existence Of Love

Love Meant To Be Forever – Poem To Understand Existence Of Love

Did you forget everything which happened,

If you did, then please tell me how because I couldn’t.


Did you forget how you used to be busy with your friends,

And I used to wait for you without complaining even once.


Did you forget how I used to hear about your day,

Without even telling you about mine,

No matter how good or bad it was.


Did you forget that how I used to smile on video calls, as a kid smiles,

Even after being tagged as a person who never smiles.


Did you forget how I connected all my dreams with yours,

If you did then it was me who failed and it’s not fault of yours.


Maybe I failed to love you enough to make you stay,

How much I loved you, Maybe I failed to say.


How was I suppose to understand when you always pretended

That you love me the way I love you,

Because You promised me to stay forever, Didn’t you?


You just separated, left me with a broken heart,

I couldn’t do anything to make you stay,

The separation day turned to be the gloomiest day,

For the one who loved you the loveliest way.


But it is the time to say you my love,

I will always be a drop in your ocean of love,

To remind you that you will always be loved and forever,

Because the love of mine is meant to be last forever..

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