Gender discrimination – A Voice That Wants To Say

Gender discrimination – A Voice That Wants To Say

They say I have a voice

They say I have a choice

They say that Girls re equal to the Boys,,


My brother until midnight

Stays out with his mate

For me half past eight

Considered to be late,,


It is not a rule at home

Nor a moderate of society

But what can I say when my safety is the first priority,,


I have a voice they say

But nothing is reckoned okay

Because I am a woman and there is a certain way I should act

That is the only way I can keep my hymen intact,,


God forbid, I do not bleed on my wedding night

I am considered impure, deemed not right,,


Maybe it is a curse that comes with uterus

And calling me whore n slut is not Humorous,,


You might say it is just for fun

But the games have stopped and the war has begun,,


My voice is now loud and clear wants to say

That the way we are living is not okay,,


My small breast and thick thighs might not be ideal

But these flaws are what which makes me real,,


And I am not going to apologize for stepping out of line

This line was drawn way back in time,,

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