Eyes Reason Of My Smile – Poem Showing Deep Love

Eyes Reason Of My Smile – Poem Showing Deep Love

I look deep into your eyes, spectacles are making it so bold,,

I can’t explain the mesmerizing eyes you indeed hold..


Your eyes are the path to your soul

The untraveled enigmatic path it is

I find myself lost in the immense beauty of yours,,


Just by having the glimpse of your eyes

I find all the solutions of my worries,,

Now I am bound to gaze your eyes


It is an untold invisible force,,

Coupling my eyes to yours..


Nobody knows this secret fairy-tale,,

Revealing the secrets and unveiling the angelic dame..


I look into your eyes and can feel the warmth of your thoughts,,

Like they narrate the pain that time has brought..


Let all the rough patches now go,,

and let them know that  I am your hero..


Looking all the time into your eyes maybe a crime,,

But I can’t let it be because it makes me calm inside..


Time may not allow but now I say this in rhyme,,

I will love you till the last breath of mine..


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