He Tries To Hide His Feelings – Being A Boy Is Not Easy

He Tries To Hide His Feelings – Being A Boy Is Not Easy

Being a boy is not that easy as it seems to the world

A storm of thoughts inside his head yet always a smile on his face

This is the reality which he never shows to the world,,


He is taught that he will have to take the family forward

It is expected that they should earn more than his father,,


Carrying this basket of expectations, a boy begins the journey of his life,,

Expectations which kill him and haunt him during nights,,


He Is supposed to be strong

While his life is no more his own,,


Boys also get cheated by some girls

They too go through heartbreaks

They also have emotions and feelings,,


Sleepless nights, silent crying, sad songs, dying inside, missing someone

Boys also go through all this


But they always face the world with a smile

No matter how messed up his own life is

They will always be there to help his friends

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