An Indian Girl – Poem To Understand Her Better

An Indian Girl – Poem To Understand Her Better

She is the one with point of views of her own,,

She is ready to apologize when she is at fault and rebellious when she is right,,

When she is with a man,, it is because she loves him, She trusts him,,

She is the one who wants respect over money,,

She is the one who is independent,,

She is the who is capable enough to pay her own bills,,

She needs not to depend on other,,

She is not an arrogant, She is a little more proud on herself,,

She focuses on intelligence rather than looks,,

She loves reading rather than shopping,,

She has an opinion but She never judges,,

She believes in peace rather than quarrel,,

She prefers a quite place over a club,,

She prefers a fine cup of coffee over a glass of beer,,

She opts few people in her life but for lifetime,,

She is honest rather than pleasing others,,

She believes that everyone deserves  respect irrespective of age,,

She still believes that sex is not about pleasure but when two souls become one,,

She is not a story of any novel, But a real Indian girl “She”

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